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Thompson Rivers University

Terryl Atkins

Position: Senior LecturerOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Phone: (250) 377-6060


Master of Fine Arts, University of Victoria
Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Victoria

Bio/Research Interests:

My main interest is the experiential place between what the mind thinks it sees as reality, the pictures it conjures through various methods – conscious or not – in order to bring sense (or nonsense) to that experience, the effects of embodiment, subjectivity and environment on perception, and the point at which we try to bring perceptual experience to fruition through a concrete proxy (such as drawing or photography). My research background is the phenomenology of imagination and consciousness in its relationship to the process of drawing, the evolution and pathology of drawing, embodiment in relation to perception and the historical development and evolution of pictorial space. Further, my research includes the influence of photographic technologies on perception, contemporary art, and cultural practices. I teach visual culture, drawing, curating, women’s art history, art theory, and the fourth year seminar. I am a TRU Teaching and Learning Scholar investigating the effectiveness of the use of imagery in pedagogy and am principle investigator of the TRU PicWiki for postsecondary educators worldwide to share best practices in the effective use of imagery to facilitate teaching. My interdisciplinary scholarly activities include peer reviewed publications and conference presentations, artistic production and curating of contemporary art.

  PowerPoint Presentation TERRYL ATKINS MADNESS PAPER DRAFT WITH IMAGES.pdf-1 Drawing the Flesh of the World-Chance Operations catalogue 2010.pdf-1

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