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Darlene Kalynka and Donald Lawrence at Mapping Cultures Conference in Coimbra, Portugal

  Posted on: May 30, 2014

Mapping Culture: Communities, Sites and Stories International Conference (Coimbra, Portugal)

May 28-May 30, 2014

The International Conference Mapping Culture: Communities, Sites and Stories will explore both conventional and alternative approaches to mapping cultures and communities in an international context.Cultural Mapping – A general definition:Cultural mapping involves a community identifying and documenting local cultural resources. Through this research cultural elements are recorded – the tangibles like galleries, craft industries, distinctive landmarks, local events and industries, as well as the intangibles like memories, personal histories, attitudes and values. After researching the elements that make a community unique, cultural mapping involves initiating a range of community activities or projects, to record, conserve and use these elements. …The most fundamental goal of cultural mapping is to help communities recognize, celebrate, and support cultural diversity for economic, social and regional development.

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