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Darci Turnquist: Disintegration, TRU Gallery.

  Posted on: January 22, 2020

Darci Turnquist: Disintegration, TRU Gallery, January 20 to 30

Reception: Wednesday January 29, 3 to 5

I use the concept of the void, or nothingness, to reference the emotional drain felt by those who endure the symptoms of mental illness. A person with a mental disorder can have an altered stream of consciousness. Repeatedly imagining irrational threats in their day-to-day life. My art comes from a somber field, yet I feel it is important not to disassociate from the subject of mental health. For individuals facing mental health issues, the prevalent society, fosters a negative stigma and distorts the truth of their experience.

A mental disorder is an unseen illness veiled under the guise of normality. In my work an ink layer over the acrylic portrait of a person becomes the visual aspect of the illness. By layering the frosted mylar in a way that brings forward the ideology of one’s mental state, this disconnects the portrait without obscuring the face and conjures a sense of bleakness. The translucent quality of the mylar embodies the essence of the void without completely losing the human spirit. The work relies on the nature of the material to create an ambiance of angst and desolation, which establishes a visual portrayal of the void.


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