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  Posted on: October 16, 2019

Beyond the Selfie to the Self

TRU Art Gallery 

16 – 31 October 2019Closing reception in on October 31 @ 4 pm

This exhibition interrogates the notion of Self in multiple contexts. This exhibition emerges from the artists’ shared experience in photography courses during the past two years. From the photographs created while both studying fundamental photographic techniques and a variety of alternative processes and formats, a theme emerged: investigations of identity – personal, social and cultural. 

Specific preoccupations included the evolution and discovery of personal identity and freeing oneself from limiting social conventions. Laura Brede examines of social stereotypes in her images, while Kirat Singh Guraya’s self-portraits explore possible selves through costume, Diana Peng uses the metaphor of discarding social masks and both Kyra Grubb and Aysha Cross create images of profound vulnerability and re-birth. The works of Heather Across the Mountain Lewis, Elizabeth Spike and Katt Elkins embrace cultural identity through the colonized history of indigenous people and the Indigenous cultural renaissance that is happening locally and globally. Dylan Stinson uses liquid light to dramatically evoke the feeling of skater feeling of catching some air, while Lyn Richards looks for an essence of self through images distorted by solarisation. The photographs of Ma Junxiang, Stephanie Morrison and Marisa Drayton create a quirky imagining of the self and familiar others in the environment, while Kelsey Blockland playfully consider who else might be out there. Finally, Laurie Mackie’s complex artist’s book of photographs and poetry evokes moments in daily life.

Sophia Dodic and Lyn Richards

16 October 2019 


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